1 - General

Port Welfare Committees (prod. IPWP) (IPWP1)

This course is designed to support the development of port welfare boards and committees, as well as other seafarers' welfare committees, around the world. As more boards and committees are founded and grow, the whole global seafarers' welfare community will benefit from shared best practices. The ultimate goal is increased quality of life for seafarers during their often limited time in port.

The course is taught by Mr. Peter Tomlin, MBE, CEO of the Merchant Navy Welfare Board, and features interviews with experts in the different aspects of seafarers' welfare, along with lesson text by Jason Zuidema, PhD of the North American Maritime Ministry Association.

  • Course Objectives and Presenter
  • IPWP Course Introduction
  • The International Port Welfare Partnership Programme (IPWP) - Text
  • The International Port Welfare Partnership Programme (IPWP) - Video
  • Introduction to Port Welfare Committees (PWCs)
  • Introduction to PWCs - Video
  • Introduction to PWCs - Test
  • MLC, 2006 and PWCs -Video
  • Welfare Boards in the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), 2006
  • MLC, 2006 Test
  • The Need for PWCs
  • What makes a good PWC? - Video
  • Eight-Step Guide to Establishing a PWC
  • Your Role on a PWC
  • PWC Perspectives - Video
  • Final Test
  • Conclusion: Maximum Benefit for Limited Time Ashore
  • Acknowledgements
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever