About us

MARE Training is a project of the North American Maritime Ministry Association in partnership with the International Christian Maritime Association.  Principal sponsor of the project is the TK Foundation.  Other support and course content created with our members and partners around the world.  

The MARE School's goal is to promote the sharing of best practices between people involved in seafarers' welfare so that seafarers get better care and live better lives wherever they are.  Our philosophy of education has three principles:

QUALITY we want our students to come away from our courses better-equipped to serve seafarers than when they started.  We make sure that content is good, and that students are given chances to demonstrate their knowledge of that content.

COMMUNITY we believe that good ideas about seafarers' welfare come from everyone involved, and that good ideas get better when everyone is in conversation with each other.  We make our own courses in collaboration with other organizations, and we invite other seafarers' welfare organizations to host their courses alongside our own. 

ACCESSIBILITY our ultimate goal is to improve seafarers' lives, so we want as many people involved in seafarers' welfare to learn from our courses.  Therefore, we keep our courses accessible as possible in terms of price and time commitment.

Director: Dr. Jason Zuidema

Videography and course design: Noah Leon, Moosefuel Media

Assistant: Kevin Walker