Vision and Mission of NAMMA (ADM102)
Vision and Mission of NAMMA (ADM102)
This course is an introduction to the mission and vision of the North American Maritime Ministry Association (NAMMA). NAMMA is an ecumenical, Christian association of individuals and affiliated organizations involved in maritime ministry...
Mission to Seafarers Canada (ADM103)
Mission to Seafarers Canada (ADM103)
This course is an introduction to the mission and vision of The Mission to Seafarers Canada (MTS Canada). The Mission to Seafarers, founded in 1856, is a world-wide Anglican outreach ministry. Mission to Seafarers: Canada is a Region of the world...
Ahoy! 1 The Philippines (AHOY1)
Ahoy! 1 The Philippines (AHOY1)
This is about the basics of the Philippines - an overview of geography, demographics, economics, and history.
Ahoy! 2 Traditional Pinoy Culture (AHOY2)
Ahoy! 2 Traditional Pinoy Culture (AHOY2)
This is about the cultural background you can expect to find among Filipinos - religion, family, holidays and traditions, cuisine, and values.
Ahoy! 3 Contemporary Pinoy Culture (AHOY3)
Ahoy! 3 Contemporary Pinoy Culture (AHOY3)
This is about contemporary trends in Filipino culture: media sources, recreation, and celebrities.
Ahoy! 4 Filipino Seafarers in History (AHOY4)
Ahoy! 4 Filipino Seafarers in History (AHOY4)
This lesson explores the history of Filipino seafarers from earliest times to the 19th century.
Ahoy! 5 Contemporary Pinoy Culture II (AHOY5)
Ahoy! 5 Contemporary Pinoy Culture II (AHOY5)
This module is about popular entertainment media and art in the Philippines, and a guide to some of the best of Pinoy media.
Basic Economics of Shipping (BES1)
Basic Economics of Shipping (BES1)
In this lesson Dr. Max Johns explains the basic economics of shipping. Dr. Johns is professor at HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration for Maritime Affairs and Business Development and senior advisor for labour and social affairs at VDR...
Houston School - Sea Blindness (HOU1)
Houston School
Houston School - Sea Blindness (HOU1)
Maritime ministries have undergone profound developments in the last generation. Those involved in seafarers’ welfare and ministry need to continue to develop professionally to help their work adapt to changing realities. This course gives an...
Intercultural Communication (ICC)
Intercultural Communication (ICC)
In this module, Sr. Joanna Okereke explains the basic features of intercultural communication. Sr. Joanna Okereke, HHCJ, a 2013 Ph.D. graduate of the Graduate Theological Foundation is a Catholic Nun and a member of the Congregation of the...

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