Effective Ship Visiting

Ship Visiting is a central activity of seafarers' welfare around the world. Learn from the experience of a selection of chaplains of the North American Maritime Ministry Association about the attitudes and skills of ship visiting and, especially, how to improve ship visiting over time.
  • Course Introduction
  • Introduction - Welcome to Our Port
  • Relationships - Introduction
  • Relationships - Sigrid Erickson on Establishing a Relationship with Seafarers
  • Relationships - Seeing the Face of God
  • Relationships - Rev. Mary Davisson on the Joy of Hospitality
  • Relationships - A Purposeful Visit
  • Relationships - David Rozeboom on the Privilege of Serving Seafarers
  • Test: Relationships
  • Written Reflection: Relationships
  • Communication: Making Others Feel Visible Again
  • Communication - Karen Parsons on Communicating with Seafarers
  • Communication: A Ministry of Tiny Moments
  • Communication - Rev David Wells on Meaningful Conversations
  • Communication: The Importance of Listening
  • Communication - Deacon Paul Rosenblum on Active Listening
  • Test: Communication
  • Written Reflection: Communication
  • Action: Being Ready
  • Action - Rev. Bill Rex - Advocacy for Seafarers
  • Action: A Network of Support
  • Action - Fr. Lito Capeding and the Value of a Network
  • Action: Serving and Being Served
  • Action - Marshal Bundren - Serving and Being Served
  • Test: Action
  • Written Reflection: Action
  • Conclusion
  • Acknowledgements
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever